An innovative fostering service

Experience how our children in care feel
Using the innovative virtual reality technology created by the Cornerstone Partnership, you will be able to experience life as a child in an abusive home. See how you can transform young lives and make a huge difference by fostering.

Innovative and comprehensive support
It’s essential that all foster carers receive 24 hour quality support. But we believe carers need more and that’s why we are committed to rolling out the Fostering Networks’ Mockingbird programme. This exciting new scheme links a group of foster families together so that carers receive valuable peer support and respite care. Families regularly get together and experience fun social activities such as bowling and trips to the seaside. Some of our carers even enjoy going off on holiday together along with their foster children – it’s like one big extended family! Foster children soon make friends and find comfort from other children who understand what it’s like to be in care.

Become a fostering star
Our foster carer Afia has been awarded a top fostering award for her dedication. We’re always looking for more inspirational people to join her.

Be an ‘Education Champion’
We are delighted to be picked as one of the seven fostering agencies to be part of the innovative Fostering Potential programme. The programme aims to raise the educational outcomes of fostered children by increasing foster carers’ knowledge and confidence in their role as ‘first educators’. Fostering Potential will establish an educational peer support network in local authorities, delivered by experienced foster carers in the role of Education Champions. Education Champions will work closely with foster carers to increase their skills and confidence in their role as educators. They will also share practical tools to support children’s learning and development.

Celebrate your successes

Everyone looks forward to our annual awards ceremony where we celebrate the fantastic achievements of our carers. Everyone enjoys a lovely dinner and many carers and staff get together on the dance floor. Last year, we were delighted that the Mayor of Tower Hamlets joined us in a Christmas themed event.

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