How do I become a family and friends foster carer?

Where there is more than one person interested in looking after the child, all parties will be invited to a Family Group Conference (FGC) where the family and friends can come together to decide how to best care for the child. An independent FGC coordinator will arrange a family group conference.

Where there’s a prior involvement of a social worker for the child, a referral would be made to the Permanency, Adoption and Support Team by the social worker, and then a comprehensive assessment would take place, which would determine the suitability of the potential relative or friend carer.

Following this, a decision will be made by the judge where the case is undergoing court proceedings or the assessment will be taken to Fostering Panel for approval.

If you become a family and friends foster carer you will be entitled to the same benefits as all other foster carers.

If you are a relative or a friend of a child involved in care proceedings and would like to put yourself forward to care for the child as an individual or with other family and friends then contact the child’s social worker in the first instance. If you do not know who the social worker is, then contact the Permanancy, Adoption and Support Team on 020 7364 5255 or email

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