Children waiting

We are actively recruiting adopters now for children of all ages!

As the London Borough of Tower Hamlets is small in size, ideally we prefer prospective adopters to live outside the borough. We offer a great package of support to our adopters including adoption allowances where applicable and specialist pre and post-placement support to help you grow as a family. We ensure assessments are completed within the required timescales and will pro-actively family find for our approved adopters so as not to keep you waiting.

These days very few children are given up for adoption by their parents at birth. Instead, the majority of children who need new families need them because of concerns about the parenting they have previously received. The development of children and young people may have been affected through experiences of neglect, abuse or drug/alcohol dependencies in their early lives, or extended periods in time in care.

Children waiting for adoption in Tower Hamlets come from many different ethnic backgrounds.

We would particularly like to hear from families who are interested in adopting:

  • Older children aged 4 plus
  • Sibling groups so we can keep brothers and sisters together
  • Children with disabilities or uncertainties
  • Children from a mixed heritage background
  • Children who we can place under foster to adopt
  • In addition, we have now successfully matched all our white families with children, so are looking for more white families to adopt.

These groups of children sometimes get overlooked but we have found that families who have gone on to adopt an older child for example, have found it hugely rewarding. It is also worth keeping in mind that adoptive parents are able to access an extensive array of adoption therapeutic support via the Adoption Support Fund. At Tower Hamlets, we have a team of very experienced adoption support workers who are also on hand to support families post adoption. Have a read about what support we offer.

Interested? Just give us a call for a friendly chat to find out more and explore together if adoption is for you.


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