Case studies

We have included some case studies from our own adopters who talk about their experiences of adoption with Tower Hamlets.

Linda & Ricky

Linda and Ricky started out with long term fostering, and progressed on to adoption. After replying to an ad in the paper, they contacted Tower Hamlets.

“Being foster carers, we were used to being assessed, and used to talking openly about our life, so even though the process was quite hard at times we knew that Tower Hamlets were just focusing on the children’s needs first.

When you look back on your own life you realise how important it is to have a good childhood. So adopting was, for us, a natural step after fostering. Our adopted children are very much part of our family and think of our natural children as their natural brothers and sisters. Our family is their family.”

Kip & Susie

After years of trying for their own children, their doctor suggested adoption as the next route for them. After a lot of discussion, they phoned Tower Hamlets and three days later they had their first appointment.

“We chose Tower Hamlets because we lived in the borough, it was convenient for all the meetings, and because we got on so well with our link worker. It just felt right, so we stayed with Tower Hamlets”.

“From the beginning of the process to the child coming to stay it was about 8 months. Before the piece of paper comes from the court, it can be a nerve wracking time, but Tower Hamlets were very supportive throughout the process, which is important because you’re making such an important decision.

At first, having a child totally wore me out. But our life has definitely changed for the better. The only thing I miss is lying in bed on a Sunday morning and reading the paper. But that’s not much to give up. We thought we’d never be able to have children and to have two lovely kids is really rewarding. I just can’t imagine them not being around now.”

“A lot of people say it’s a fantastic thing you’ve done adopting the children. We say, actually, we get the most rewards because we’ve ended up with two fantastic kids.”

Jenny & Carole

After trying for her own babies for several years, four periods of IVF treatment, and a lost pregnancy, Carole decided to adopt. She was impressed by the diversity of the borough, so she called Tower Hamlets.

“We made Tower Hamlets aware that we were a lesbian couple, but once it was discussed, considered and checked out, nothing was too much of a barrier. You have to feel ready to adopt. If I’d tried to adopt after I’d miscarried or tried IVF, I don’t know if I’d have been ready to take someone else’s child.”

“It’s quite a hard process. There are long intense meetings with your social worker, and you have to be prepared to open up and talk about your life.”

“Our life has changed dramatically – the way our house looks, who our friends are, the time we get up and go to bed, the holidays we take. I’m even changing my job to one that’s more accommodating to children in terms of hours. But it’s what I’ve always wanted. I love having kids and a family.”

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